Biscoe Bitterova Project

BBP, which brings together the creative talents of Jana (choreographer, dance artist, improviser and creative movement facilitator) and StudioBiscoe (as visual artist, producer, designer and engineer), are developing new performance and choreographic practice employing advances in digital sensing and projection technology. We are currently investigating an approach to communication between visual artists and dance artists in an improvised live performance context.

To read more about this project and the results of our Arts Council England supported research and development in 2016 please see:


The Bridge To Everywhere : 234 (Cuba and Miami)

The Bridge To Everywhere:234 – World’s first network performance with Cuba!  Between Havana, Cuba and Miami. Cuban dancers and musicians performed live across three networked locations: at the New World Center of the New World Symphony in Miami Beach; at the LightBox of Miami Light Project in the Wynwood District of Miami; and in Havana, Cuba.

Edited highlights of the part of the performance at New World Center on 22 March 2016 on the 7,000 square foot (5 storeys high) Wallcast projection screen and live green screen stage.

See further information on the project website, here and here.

Here – Not Here – Where? (London Manchester Falmouth)

An exploration of three remotely connected sites, explored through the medium of dance and found sounds rooted in their locality, which asks the question what is here, what is not here, and if not here, where ? In this new work Studio Biscoe continues an exploration of new narratives for network performance: employing (primarily) open source streaming and projection mapping technologies; stepping away from fixed screen based visualisation; and endeavouring to investigate and reveal site specificity in a telepresence context.

The premiere performance of “Here : Not Here : Where?” was at the Royal College of Music on 4th May as part of the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015 (NPAPW) organised by GÉANT, Royal College of Music, Jisc, and Internet2,


Thanks for the amazing support of the following: Choreography/Dancer – Margherita Bergamo ( Dancers – Ina and Tiia Veneranta Falmouth Technical Operations – Dan Thompson and Josh Butcher ( Manchester Technical Operations: Jason Crouch ( Floating Surface Fabrication – Dom Allen (DAW Electronics) Sound Recordings – David Prior ( Venues: Falmouth University ( & Contact Theatre, Manchester (
This project was partly supported with funding from JaNet/Jisc.


Projection design, installation and mapping to support a one off contemporary dance event choreographed by Grace Clayton.

Supported by AMATA, A&P Group, and Emma Walsh (VJ).