Ian is a visual and performance artist, director, producer, entrepreneur, designer and engineer with degrees in architecture and landscape architecture.  Prior to establishing his art and academic practices he founded a number of international companies in the fields of process control, aerospace, mobile communications and entertainment. He is currently studying for a PhD in networked performance..

Ian is interested in the examination and representation of natural and created space, especially that which is remote, intangible and unknown in the immediate. His explorations of the boundaries of physical, virtual and augmented realities are conducted using a range of media, in performance and art installation, working with collaborators from the disciplines of science, theatre, dance and music, in traditional venues, on‐location, and in gallery spaces.  He questions how these worlds are explored in narrative and by performers, how they are perceived by the audience/s and how they might involve the audience.

In his non‐digital and new media practices Ian is interested in layering, obfuscation and partial destruction during the development of work.  Digital work combines advanced real time media manipulation, mapping, live streaming, and interaction.



A Short Journey into Folded Space – Networked Performance (Barcelona & Birmingham, England) – 2019

Opravdovi – Networked Performance (Pilsen & Trutnov, Czech Republic) – 2018

The Spaces Within – Networked Performance (New World Symphony. Miami) – 2018

The Incredible Voyage of Kryštof Harant – Site Specific Installation/Performance (Hrad Pecka, Czech Republic)  – 2017

Longing for the Impossible – Networked Performance (Copenhagen, Barcelona, London) – 2017

ReTransmission – Site Specific Installation (Copenhagen) – 2017

Similarities (with Jana Bitterova) – Networked Performance (Copenhagen, Barcelona, Miami, Prague) – 2017

The Huts at Charco Hurones – Site Specific Installation (Andalucia) – 2017

Zahara el Gastor: Trees/Light – Site Specific Installation (Andalucia) – 2017

It Comes and Goes (with Titia Bouwmeester) – Site Specific Installation (Godrevey, UK) – 2016

Man Engine Moving – Site Specific Installation/Performance (Redruth, UK) – 2016

Biscoe Bitterova Project – Dance/Technology Research (Cornwall, UK) – 2016

The Bridge To Everywhere : 234 – Networked Performance (Cuba and Miami) – 2016

Here – Not Here – Where? – Networked Performance (London, Falmouth, Manchester) – 2015

The Halloween Masked Ball – Installation/Performance (Cornwall, UK) – 2015

Dark Sounds – Installation (Falmouth, UK) – 2015

Rules – Installation/Dance Performance (Falmouth, UK) – 2015

Fascinate 2014 – Digital Arts Conference/Festival (Falmouth, UK) – 2014

Fascinate 2013 – Digital Arts Conference/Festival (Falmouth, UK) – 2013

The Garden of Collected Consciousness – Installation (Cornwall, UK) – 2012


Online Orchestra – Orchestral Networked Performances (Cornwall, UK) – 2015

Merch’ an Eog / Merch yr Eog – Digital Scenography (Brest, France and Carmarthen, Wales) – 2015/16

24UK – Digital Scenography for Networked Theatre (Falmouth, UK) – 2016

Bad Girls – Digital Scenography (Falmouth, UK) – 2016

Ultraorbism with Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca – Networked Performance (Barcelona and Cornwall) – 2015

The Star Child – Digital Scenography (Falmouth, UK) 2015

The Tempest – Networked Performance (2 locations in Cornwall, UK) – 2014

Waiting for Godot – Networked Performance (Vilnius and Falmouth, UK) – 2014

Portraits for a Study – Networked Performance (London and Falmouth) – 2013


Alexis De La O – Ground breaking Cuban electronic musician

Canvas Theatre – Falmouth based digital theatre company

Contact Theatre – Manchester theatre active in distributed performance

Cheap Date – Dance Company

David Devanney – writer, multimedia poet

David Prior – Sound recordist & designer

Dom Allen – Artist, maker, fabricator

Emma Walsh – VJ, animator

Falmouth Theatre Company – Falmouth’s theatre company, founded in 1927

Free Three – Dance/Music improvisation in performance

Federico Reuben – Composer. sound artist, live-electronics performer

Golden Tree – Producers of Cornish cultural projects

Grace Clayton – Choreographer

Inland Art Festival – Contemporary art festival in Redruth, Cornwall

Jana Bitterova – Choreographer and Dance Artist

Jason Crouch – Distributed performance

Joint Effort Studios – Videographers

Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca – Catalan artist. mechatronics, installation and performance

Marcel Marquez Martinez – Cuban artist and projection mapper

The Masked Ball – Porthleven and Halloween Festivals

Margherita Bergamo – Choreographer/Dancer

Miami Light Project – cultural organization which presents live performances by innovative dance, music and theatre artists in Wynwood, Miami

Nika Wegosky – Eastern Europe specialist, journalist, actress, collaborating on Reaction:Legacy

Near-ta Theatre – creators of live performance and theatre based in Cornwall

New World Symphony – America’s Orchestral Academy

Oak Matthias – Cellist & designer

Online Orchestra – community based networked orchestras

Royal Danish Academy of Music – PULSAR Festival 2017 networked performance

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru – Welsh language national theatre of Wales

Teatr Piba – Breton language theatre company

Titia Bouwmeester – Dutch artist

Supporters & Funding

Research funding for Cognitive

Research funding for Cognitive

Arts Council England. For events, including Fascinate and Fascinate Digital Arts Grants.

For research and productions in networked performance.

Support for research, production and events.

Funding and support for research and production, including Fascinate.

Support for Bridge To Everywhere:234 Havana<>Miami

Royal Danish Academy of Music. For PULSAR Contemporary Festival 2017

For Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2017

Arts Council England. For Perfoming/Fine Arts Research in Biscoe Bitterova Project


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